Reminisce About ROCK 'N' ROLL EXPRESS In New Comic Book

Rock 'n' Roll Express #1
Credit: Oscar Pinto (Inverse Press)
Credit: Rich Perotta/Vito Potenza (Inverse Press)

Press Release

2017 WWE Hall of Famers, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are the Rock 'n' Roll Express, holders of MANY world tag team titles (including the NWA and Mid-South belts) since the 1980's! Those storied championships were challenged during legendary feuds with other all-time greats like The Midnight Express, The Road Warriors, The Four Horsemen, and Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo! Now, Squared Circle Comics, publisher of authorized wrestling comics, tells the story of the Rock 'n' Roll Express in your favorite medium. In Rock 'n' Roll Express 1, learn how Ricky and Robert became wrestlers and came to be partners in the first place. Watch their ascent to the very top of 1980's wrestling to become one of the most over tag teams in history!

Credit: Rich Perotta/Vito Potenza (Inverse Press)

Rock 'n' Roll Express 1 is fully authorized by Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson and is based on actual interviews with them conducted by writer and wrestling historian, John Crowther (Rochelle from Antarctic Press; Nikolai, The Genius Lanny Poffo, The Killer Bees, & Bobby Fulton & The Fantastics and more from Squared Circle). The comic is illustrated by Marvel & DC Comics veteran Rich Perotta (Deadpool, The Ray) and colored by Vito Potenza (Bruno Sammartino, Hacksaw Jim Duggan).

Our 28-page comic, Rock 'n' Roll Express 1, is available right now on Kickstarter, and it is the first of three issues in standard comic format (6.625" x 10.25"). This Kickstarter campaign allows you to reserve just the first issue (already completed) or subscribe to the full series, either digitally or in print (Kickstarter-Exclusive or Standard cover options)!  

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