EA Rebooting MEDAL OF HONOR With Modern Setting


UK Box Art for Medal of Honor

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 from Infinity Ward and Activision has set all kinds of sales records. It started with $310 million in sales on day one. Then it hit an all-time entertainment record (that means above all other games, movies, and more) with $550 million in five days. The modern setting, movie-like production and critically acclaimed gameplay all received credit for its incredible success.

Now, EA is presumably looking to get in on the action with a revamp of their own war-themed First Person Shooter franchise. Following the lead of Hollywood's recent re-titling scheme, their new FPS will be called simply Medal of Honor. The new game will abandon World War II for the first time in the series, instead taking place in a modern day Afghanistan.

Coming in 2010, the shooter will star a Tier 1 Operator, a special ops agent of the highest level in the American government. The objective of EA is to reveal the mindset of the most elite soldiers in the military.

Interestingly, two separate development teams will work on the game simultaneously, with one, EALA, doing the single player development, and the other, EA DICE, handling multiplayer. They're also working closely with actual Tier 1 Operators to deliver an authentic experience.

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