Netflix's JUPITER’S LEGACY Show Begins Casting Soon

Credit: Netflix

Mark Millar’s "Millarworld" projects with Netflix are coming to fruition, with the first of his planned movies and TV series, Jupiter’s Legacy, about to begin casting.

“That’s rattling along just now. All the scripts are coming in for the TV show, start the casting,” Millar told IGN. “So we’re getting going on that. Most likely it will be the first [Millarworld property released on Netflix], but no official dates announced yet. But we know internally, and we’re planning with that.”

Millar also offered updates on three other live-action projects, telling IGN that directly after Jupiter’s Legacy, Netflix will produce a TV series adaptation of American Jesus, for which the script is currently being written.

Following that, Netflix will release films based on Empress, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter, and Huck in that order, with all three projects in the scripting phase, according to Millar.

Empress #1
Empress #1
Credit: Marvel Comics/ICON

As for whether the “Millarworld” projects will comprise a true shared cinematic universe, Millar said the answer isn’t cut-and-dried.

“I think the mistake people make is to go in thinking of universes instead of thinking of just doing good movies,” Millar explained. “We saw it with The Mummy and everything, where you were thinking, oh, this is a fantastic foreshadowing of movie number nine! But there isn’t even going to be movie number two unless you make movie number one good, you know? [Building a cinematic universe is] in the back of our minds, that these things can link. But I think you almost insult the audience when you try and sell them something that’s just a big, interconnected business strategy, as opposed to just a good film. So I just think, make some classic movies and then see how they come together after that.”

No release date for Jupiter’s Legacy has been announced.

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