GOLDFISCH In Development as Cartoon

Credit: Nana Yaa (TOKYOPOP)
Credit: Nana Yaa (TOKYOPOP)

Nana Yaa's Goldfisch series is being developed as an animated series. TOKYOPOP, which publishes Goldfisch, is co-producing the cartoon with the German animation company Studio Seufz. Yaa is a native of Germany,

"Anime, just like manga, is becoming more and more global," said TOKYOPOP founder Stu Levy. "We’re very excited to be in business with Studio Seufz, who is a brilliant and talented animation studio – their sensibility is very modern and in-line with both anime and traditional Western animation."

The Media and Film Funding of Baden-Wuerttemberg has awarded TOKYOPOP 15,200 Euros (around $17,000 in U.S. dollars) to fund Goldfisch's script development, pre-production, and production.

Credit: Nana Yaa (TOKYOPOP)

"Having the chance a develop a German-flavored shonen anime is just about as exciting as it can get," added Studio Seufzz producer Stefan Michel. "Being huge fans of Nana Yaa's Goldfisch manga, we are grateful for TOKYOPOP bringing us on board and sharing their expertise in the anime and manga industry."

Goldfisch is a manga-inspired retelling of the Greek mythological story of King Midas.

"Say hi to Morrey Gibbs! A fisher-boy in a flooded world overrun with dangerous mutated animals known as 'anomals,' he's got his own problems to worry about. Namely, how everything he touches turns to gold!" reads TOKYOPOP's descripion of the OGN series. "Sure it sounds great, but gold underpants aren't exactly stylish - or comfortable! Together with his otter buddy and new inventor friend Shelly, Morrey's on a quest to rid himself of his blessing-turned-curse and undo the tragedy it caused. That is of course, if they can dodge the treasure-hungry bounty hunters..."

TOKYOPOP hasn't announced a planned release date for the Goldfisch cartoon.

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