BATMAN #75 Kicks Off 'Huge Bat Event' - and the End of KING's Run

"Batman #62" variant
"Batman #62" variant
Credit: Frank Miller (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Entertainment

Batman writer Tom King has laid out the next few stories in his planned 100+ issue run - including marking where the "Bat event" that will end his run is scheduled to begin.

"Coming in Batman #60 (Wednesday) wraps up post-wedding 'Cold Days' arc," reads King's tweet. "61-69 'Knightmares'. Epic arc scraping at the soul of Batman. (With a Flash break at 64, 65). 70-74: 'The Fall and the Fallen'. 75-: A huge Bat event with a secret name that sets us up for the end at 105."

If Batman maintains its twice-monthly release schedule, Batman #75 would be released in late July 2019.

King has expressed his plans to author a 100 issue run on Batman. The latest solicited issues, #64 and 65, are scheduled to be released in February, and feature a story written by Josh Williamson - the aforementioned Flash break.

Batman #60 is available now.

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