Alien Immigration Story Hits Home in THE MIRROR

The Mirror
Credit: Daniel Bayliss (Moonhead Press)
Credit: Daniel Bayliss (Moonhead Press)

Press Release

MOONHEAD PRESS are proud to announce our latest web comic, THE MIRROR, written by Gerardo Preciado (Psycario, Master of the Lords) and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss (Big Trouble in Little China vs Escape from New York, Labyrinth), the story is unintentionally very relevant to what is going on in the world right now.

"When I talked to Daniel about this story back in february, we coudln't have imagined how timely the comic would be when we published it" says Preciado, the duo of course, are famous for their previous viral comics THE DEAL and GOD'S END, dark and twisted (and unofficial) tales of two of the most iconic characters in comics history.

Credit: Daniel Bayliss (Moonhead Press)

You can read the complete comic, THE MIRROR, here:

And now you can own THE MIRROR, along with THE DEAL, GOD'S END and many more of the blogs reknowned renowned indie comics in the 100 page plus Graphic Novel, MOONHEAD PRESS, VOL. 1, available only on kickstarter for the next couple of days check out the campaign in the link below:

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