CAPTAIN MARVEL's Cat Story Gets a Little More Curious

Nick Fury & Goose
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Updated December 6, 2018: The mystery of Goose deepens with the implications of another Captain Marvel toy, this time a LEGO set that seems to depict Goose held captive in the clutches of Talos, the Skrull leader while he's under attack from Captain Marvel and Nick Fury.

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If Goose is some kind of macguffin, something that the Skrull want to steal from Captain Marvel, that's another piece of evidence pointing to Goose's role being much more than meets the eye.

And if Goose is a Flerken, being a living interdimensional portal capable of interstellar travel seems like a good reason the "cat" would be in demand from both sides.

Updated December 5, 2018: That darn cat!

Credit: Hasbro/ has released its own official unveiling of Hasbro and Funko's upcoming Captain Marvel toy and accessory lines - but there's been a conspicuous change to one of their images.

A day after Hasbro released an image of a young Nick Fury action figure with Goose the cat in restraints, pusblished the same image, but this time sans restrained Goose. Perhaps that was too much of a spoiler?

Interestingly,'s copy does take care to point out that Goose is included with several of the figures, saying "And yes, the inclusion of Marvel’s Goose in some of these items is all the more enticing!"

This change suggests something about Goose is meant to be a surprise for the film ... but we already knew that.

Marvel is still waiting to hear back from Hasbro and about the alternative images. We'll update when we do. 

Original Story: Marvel Studios' second Captain Marvel trailer takes a break from its high-flying space action and jump cuts to a lighter moment in which Nick Fury meets a cat... a cat named Goose (which we have to assume is a Top Gun reference given Carol Danvers’ history as an Air Force fighter pilot).

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But the cat doesn't seem to be a one-off joke. The feline is also featured prominently in several Captain Marvel toy lines that have been recently revealed from Hasbro and Funko, including as an accessory with a Nick Fury figure that suggests the cat is far more than it seems...

So why would a common house cat need metal restraints and a muzzle like the ones worn by Loki at the end of The Avengers? As Marvel readers know the answer may come in some form from the comic books that inspire the film.

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In comic books, the cat’s name is Chewie – as in Star Wars' Chewbacca – and it’s actually not a cat at all. Chewie is a Flerken, an alien being that resembles an Earth cat – but which actually has a mouthful of tentacles and an entire pocket dimension housed inside its body (which can even allow Flerken to travel instantly across space or even between realities).

If Goose is a Flerken as Chewie is in comic books, that could offer a bit of explanation as to how Captain Marvel might be able to escape “the snap,” and provide another weapon against Thanos. Goose's comic book counterpart Chewie also has a history with Rocket of the Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to his healthy mistrust of Flerken.

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On the other hand, a dimension-traveling cat (that also lays eggs – ew...) might be a bit far-fetched even for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we're betting Marvel's not gonna lay that power on anyone but Carol herself. But there’s clearly something going on with Goose in the Captain Marvel trailer – and it seems to be on Nick Fury’s radar in a bad way.

Also recall Goose can be found somewhat obscurely near the bottom left of the very first Captain Marvel poster and Hasbro describes Goose as Captain Marvel's "loyal companion."

What are the chances that Goose is actually a Skrull – maybe even the one that costs Fury his eye? That may also be a stretch, but given the story at hand in Captain Marvel, literally anyone could be a vicious alien in disguise - and he does have those scratch mark scars...

Captain Marvel’s secrets will be revealed when it hits theaters March 8, 2019.

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