Dynamite's LONE RANGER Ongoing Cut To Five Issues

Lone Ranger #5
Credit: John Cassaday (Dynamite Entertainment)
Credit: John Cassaday (Dynamite Entertainment)

Dynamite's Lone Ranger ongoing series will end with February's fifth issue. Dynamite announced Lone Ranger as an ongoing back in July 2018, with the first issue debuting October 3 to positive reviews.

"Starting a new volume of a title, especially after some long-running and fairly well-regarded runs, can be tougher than shoe leather. But Mark Russell and Bob Q take that challenge and spin a compelling yarn in the face of it, one with built in room to grow, a fantastic central totem with all the barbed wire, and a firm handle on the visual language of the Ranger and his exploits," writes Best Shots reviewer Justin Partridge. "While some readers might be turned off by its theatricality or its fracturing of the relationship between the Ranger and Tonto, Dynamite Entertainment's new Lone Ranger #1 takes a bold first step for its third volume."

Here is the solicitation for the final issue. Look for Dynamite's full February 2019 solicitations later this month:

Credit: John Cassaday (Dynamite Entertainment)

Price: $3.99
Rating: Teen +
Cover A: John Cassaday
Writer: Mark Russell
Art: Bob Q
Genre: Western Adventure
Page Count: 32 Pages
ON SALE DATE: February 20
The Lone Ranger and Tonto miraculously come back from the dead to force a final showdown with the ranchers for the future of the Texas Panhandle.

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