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Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Comics

Annette Bening's casting in Captain Marvel was officially confirmed this week, and she even appeared in the new trailer for the film. But her actual role remains a mystery; from all appearances, she's a Kree leader - but who?

The obvious suggestion would be an embodiment of Supremor, the Kree Supreme Intelligence. A living computer comprising all the knowledge of the many generations of the Kree, and which often functions as the empire's absolute ruler.

However, Supremor is usually depicted as a giant green face floating in a vat of eerie chemicals. Even when it projects itself to other places, it usually appears as a floating holographic version of its own giant face. Still, Marvel Studios has made bigger leaps with lesser known characters before - and Bening is a prestigious enough actor to accomodate with that kind of change.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Bening could also be playing a version Hala the Accuser, a member of the same rank of Kree leaders as Ronan, who also appears in Captain Marvel. In comic books, Hala is the last of the Accusers, one of the few surviving members of the Kree empire following its fall a few years ago (in comic book time). Hala's never been specifically depicted as a leader of the Kree, but again, that's a minor change to make for a character many casual fans wouldn't recognize to begin with.

Whoever Bening is playing, the Captain Marvel trailer makes it clear that she's an instrumental part of Carol Danvers' origin story - and potentially of the MCU.

We'll find out for sure when Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, 2019.

Oh yeah, one more thing... We're not entirely ruling out that she could be a Skrull . But more on that later...

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