BRAVEST WARRIORS Celebrate's PLUM's 'Curve-Va-Versary'

Bravest Warriors
Credit: VRV

This week's upcoming Bravest Warriors episode will celebrate Plum's "Curve-va-versary."

What's that you say? Well, it's the anniversary of when Plum began growing "legit lady bumps" as VRV calls it. Here's a preview of the episode:

"Bravest Warriors" 425 Sneak Peek from Joellen Ferrer on Vimeo.

"It’s Plum’s CURVE-VA-VERSARY, the day celebrating Plum growing legit lady bumps," reads VRV's description of the episode. "But when Chris’s thoughtfully planned, yet cheaply executed, party doesn’t live up to her expectations, she donks herself into a series of tantrums, reliving the most lavishly decked out day of all time. Then, when the Bravest Warriors answer a distress call from a humanoid planet overrun by an evil mech race, they have no idea how their own smooshy secrets will come into play - or who they should be fighting for in the first place."

This episode of Bravest Warriors is scheduled to debut Friday evening on VRV's Cartoon Hangover channel.

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