ANTARCTIC PRESS February 2019 Solicitations

Antarctic Press February 2019 cover
Credit: Antarctic Press

8-Bit Rebels Backlit, S (T-shirt, full-color, $21.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
Don't go Berserk looking for good shirts. Once you get our Breakout design, it'll be on like Pong with Donkey Kong!
8-Bit Rebels Backlit, M (T-shirt, full-color, $21.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
Whether you're navigating the Asteroids to shake some Star Raiders or weathering a Tempest of Space Invaders, this shirt is the one for you!
8-Bit Rebels Backlit, L (T-shirt, full-color, $21.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
We're offering a spectacular E.T. (the Exciting T-shirt), with no impossible levels or poor controls to fight! Plug in this sucker to your upper console, and you'll be Dug, Dig?
8-Bit Rebels Backlit, XL (T-shirt, full-color, $21.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
Time to suit up and make your Moon Patrol in your Lunar Lander. Be sure you're in proper uniform (i.e., this shirt) when you take control of the Missile Command.
8-Bit Rebels Backlit, 2XL (T-shirt, full-color, $23.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
When you're a Night Driver who's Jousting for Pole Position, it can be a real Adventure just to Dodge 'Em. This shirt shows you're ready to Double-Dunk any Gremlins in your way!
8-Bit Rebels Backlit, 3XL (T-shirt, full-color, $24.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
Don't give in to Yars' Revenge; it's a Pitfall. Instead, satisfy yourself with this shirt when you're heading into Combat in the Battlezone.

The Devils#3 (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Matthew Spradlin
Art: William Allan Reyes
Takahiroand Yabu are struggling to make it out of the Ramree swamp alive. A deadly crocodile awaits in front of them; the remaining Japanese troops (lead by their blood thirsty commanding officer) are behind them. The ghosts of Nanking have truly come to collect their due. And even if the two friends make it out, what awaits them on the other side?

Exciting Comics#1 (full color, 32 pgs., $1.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
For the first time in over 70 years, Exciting Comics returns to stores! In this premiere title, Antarctic Press introduces the Superverse, a new shared universe that combines classic public domain characters such as Black Terror and the Heap with a host of new, original heroes!
Exciting Comics#1 Terror Returns Variant (full color, 32 pgs., $4.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Relive the hard-hitting impact of the modern age with this cover hulking, haggard hero you wouldn't want to meet returning on a dark night!
Exciting Comics#1 Black JAQ Variant (full color, 32 pgs., $9.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Get on the hunt now to to target this Elektra-fying homage cover edition, so you won't have to pull any Daredevil stunts to find it later!
Exciting Comics#1 Hypno Heroines Variant (full color, 32 pgs., $14.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Feel like kicking today's comics to the Kirb-y, true believer? Return to the shine of the Silver Age with this limited-edition homage cover loaded with a bounty of beauties bewitched into battle!
Exciting Comics#1 Speedway Variant (full color, 32 pgs., $19.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Experience Golden Age glory with this heart-pounding, high-speed, limited cover! Don't get beaten to the pulp (adventure)—race for your copy today!
Exciting Comics#1 Sketch Cover Variant (full color, 32 pgs., $4.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Can't decide which era of comics appeals the most? Get a sketch cover and create your own, or commission your favorite artist to draw one that best lives up to the name "Exciting"!

Gold Digger#263 (monthly series, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Fred Perry
Gina's escape from the Time War battle front hits a snag when she stumbles into the territory of an "End Game" Overlord and her cosmic dungeon: Dynamus! Fortunately for Gina, some of Earth's most experienced and mysterious explorers have been searching for a way to explore Dynamus, and Gina's arrival has given them the entry point they've been waiting for!

Heroes at Large#3 (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Matthew Spradlin
Art: David Hutchison
Our motley crew of heroes from the 1940s goes on their first field trip to the OUTSIDE world. So of course, they head to the great American institution called "the Mall". Unfortunately, they run right into a crime being committed. Can they pull it together in order to thwart the baddies? Probably not.

Houdini: Master Detective#1 (one-shot, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Creator: Jonathan Kendrick
Story: Jamie Allan Nicklin & Simon Mark Wheeler
Art: Rafael Broseta & David Belmonte
A mystery criminal is committing a rash of diabolical crimes plaguing the city, so Scotland Yard reaches out to Harry Houdini and his wife, Bess Houdini, are called upon by Scotland Yard to help figure out who the evil perpetrator is. But no sooner are they on the case then the villain kidnaps Bess!

Mobster Graveyard #2 (of 5) (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: David Furr
Art: Ryan Cody & Shannon Smith
Detective Roger Crayton grapples with the death of his partner. To help him move past this, his boss assigns him a new partner and a new case. But this latest incident proves to be just as bizarre, leading him back to the previous case as he discovers the gunman who saved him from Capone’s warehouse is still alive!

Offbeats#1 (miniseries, full color, 24 pages., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: John Ward
Art: Giles Crawford
It’s Tintin meets Tarantino in this 1950’s crime noir! A young man tries to save a woman from a vicious street gang, but ends up needing to be rescued by a petty crook who introduces him to a whole new world!

Punchline#5 (monthly, full color, 32 pages, $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Bill Williams
Art: Matthew Weldon
Jessiehas to fight to the finish with the monster called Sawtooth. Plus, a terrible truth about Mel threatens to break up this terrific team as the "Blood Sisters" adventure comes to a close!

Star's End#4 (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Selena McDevitte & Larry Spike Jarrell
Art: Larry Spike Jarrell & Bill Marimon
As Arianna and Captain Peri square off, the two ships' crews vie either to free Arianna or to take her down to save everyone else. Abruptly, the Admiralty's machinations are revealed when an elite combat group arrives on the scene to throw a wrench in the works.

Steampunk Glamour Review#3 (quarterly, 6 x 9, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Editor: Guy C. Brownlee
Art Director: Joseph Hernandez
Announcing the third issue of Steampunk Glamour Gazette, celebrating a bevy of beauties from next door as well as around the world! Join us as we take you to Teslacon 9: The Battle of Britain. Tour with us behind the scenes as we learn the secrets of makers and shakers in the steampunk community!

Tainted Love#1 (of 4) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Arthur Bellfield
Art: Flavio Silva
Arthur Bellfield, writer of War's Chosen (OGN) (Arcana Comics) and God Cell: Gate of the Gods (Advent Comics), shows us that some girls really DO prefer bad guys.
Chloe Andersonis a troubled woman who dates super villains and often calls upon them to help her solve cases as a crisis manager for superhuman millennials. Her life has led her to give up on love, so now she dates only men to whom she won't form an attachment. Then she meets the one: American One, a superhero. In the middle of a date, he gets into a superhuman fight and disappears. Chloe discovers he's been taken to a secret military complex and been shot!

William the Last: Fight and Flight #2 (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Brian Shearer
As Magnus and Elias frantically search for the missing children, William tries to master his Hawk Rider armor, but the armor seems to have a mind of its own!

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