HEROES IN CRISIS #3 Reveals Weird Clues, More Bodies - SPOILERS

"Heroes in Crisis #3" excerpt
Credit: Lee Weeks (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's Heroes in Crisis #3.

The official body count of the Sanctuary massacre rose to include Red Devil and Gunfire as of this week's Heroes in Crisis #3, and there are some very odd clues revealed about the murders - including Harley Quinn’s role in Wally West’s death.

In fact, it looks like Harley Quinn bashed in Wally’s head with a giant mallet, and he didn’t seem to react at all.

Heroes in Crisis #3 also showed more details about Sanctuary, and revealed a few other characters who were patients there (and are therefore also presumed dead). Let’s take a look at spoilers to find out more.

Credit: Lee Weeks (DC Comics)


Sanctuary Secrets

The issue opens with more of the “confessions” that occur within Sanctuary. Then during a flashback to Booster Gold’s arrival at Sanctuary, the issue reveals the AI caretakers who are modeled after Ma and Pa Kent and Lana Lang. And Booster learns about the robes and masks that are provided to patients who want to maintain their anonymity.

Credit: Lee Weeks (DC Comics)
Credit: Lee Weeks (DC Comics)

There are also some really touching scenes depicting patient sessions in Sanctuary’s hologram suites. The “chamber,” as it’s called by the AI caretakers, are meant to help patients create environments and holographic people to help them work through issues.

For Wally West, he works through his issues with losing his family. For Lagoon Boy, his problem concerns the death of some of his fellow Titans.

For Booster’s first chamber session, he just encounters himself. After arguing with the other Booster, the two just get into a massive fist fight.

Massacre Commences

Suddenly, the various chamber sessions are interrupted by an announcement: “Emergency. Please proceed to the nearest exit.”

Credit: Lee Weeks (DC Comics)

Some of the murders on that fateful day are shown.

And there are a few clues revealed:

- Lagoon Boy was killed by a projectile and died laughing out loud.

- Wally West found Arsenal’s body and held it just before he died.

- Wally’s last words were: “Roy … why … why did it … the kids .. I didn’t want … I didn’t want to be alone.”

- Harley Quinn bashed Wally’s head with a giant mallet.

Credit: Clay Mann (DC Comics)
Credit: Clay Mann (DC Comics)

After Harley killed Wally, she and Booster are just talking among the bodies outside. It’s very strange. She initially looks up from Wally’s body and says to Booster, “Oh. I didn’t know you were here.”

Booster calmly replies, “Actually, it’s ... my first day.”

“Neat,” Harley says. “How’s it going so far?”

“Well,” Booster replies. “Everyone’s dead.”

Credit: Clay Mann (DC Comics)

The scene changes to more confessions, with nine more characters being confirmed as patients at Sanctuary. It could be assumed that they are all dead (or at least unaccounted for) and the confessions include: Commander Steel, Gunfire, Tattooed Man, Gnarrk, Red Devil, Protector, Poison Ivy, Solstice, and Nemesis.

Did Harley Quinn really kill Wally West? Why didn’t Wally react with his super-speed? Who killed all the rest of the heroes? Surely she couldn’t get the jump on all of them? Was Booster involved? Why didn’t he capture Harley? Or did they all just kill each other?

The story is slated to continue January 4, 2019 in Heroes in Crisis #4.

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