DAMAGE CONTROL-Style Superhero Show SUPER CLEAN Coming to CW - Report

The CW
Credit: The CW

CW has announced plans to create Super Clean, a new TV series that focuses on the people that clean up after superheroes, according to Deadline.

Super Clean will be written and executive produced by GLOW producer Sascha Rothchild. The Hollywood trade also reports that Super Clean is based on an "upcoming graphic novel," though no further details about the purported publication were included.

According to Deadline, Super Clean focuses on Becky Masters, a normal human with exceptional organizational skills who leads a group of non-powered cleaners to fix superhero messes.

Super Clean won't be the first media to tackle the idea of cleaning up after superheroes. Marvel's comic book Damage Control explored the same concept, with an ABC TV show based on the idea in the works in 2015, and the Damage Control group appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Likewise, NBC's single season DC Universe set comedy Powerless was initially set in an insurance office covering superhero disasters before being retooled after the pilot.

No projected premiere date for Super Clean has been reported.

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