Valiant's HARBINGER Gets Director - Report

Credit: Valiant Comics

Sony has hired director Justin Tipping to helm its planned Harbinger film, according to That Hashtag Show.

That Hashtag Show reports that Tipping, whose sole feature film Kicks was released in 2016, also punched up the script for Harbinger alongside Joshua Beirne-Golden. Tipping's other credits include directing an episode of the TV show The Chi and an upcoming TV movie titled Twenties.

The script reportedly focuses on the character of Pete Stanchek, along with Joe Irons, Kris Hathaway, Faith Herbert, and villain Toyo Harada.

Harbinger is anticipated to be the second film in five-film Valiant Universe franchise for Sony, beginning with 2019's Bloodshot.

No projected release date for Harbinger has been announced.

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