RED SONJA Relaunches With New Creative Team in 2019

Red Sonja #1
Credit: Amanda Conner (Dynamite Entertainment)
Credit: Joseph Michael Linsner (Dynamite Entertainment)

Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja ongoing will be relaunched in February for a new volume by writer Mark Russell and artist Mirko Colak.

"I’m a huge fan of ancient history because there’s no clear line where the history ends and legend begins, so in a way, all ancient history is a work of fantasy," said Russell. "I really wanted to write a fantasy title that allowed me to work in some of the incredible stories and themes of ancient history, in particular, the story of Tomyris, the bad-ass Queen of the Steppes, and it’s hard to imagine a better character to tell that story than Red Sonja, the bad-ass Queen of Comics."

Credit: Amanda Conner (Dynamite Entertainment)

The current Red Sonja creative team - writer Amy Chu and artist Andrea Mutti - is scheduled to end January 2019 with issue #25.

"Mark Russell’s take on Sonja is steeped in greater-than-fiction history, with a humongous worldview. Sonja will be the focus, but what’s exciting is to see the lore and world-building that Mark’s infusing into this new ongoing, to create a fusion of modern storytelling while placing big classical elements front and center," added series editor Nate Cosby.  "The rest of the creative team is in perfect harmony with the approach…artist Mirko Colak is drawing grandly scaled perspectives, color artist Dearbhla Kelly is bringing a bold painterly palette, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou is styling beautifully rugged balloons and effects required for a fantastic fantasy comic."

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