MARVEL Strikes Down STAR WARS: SHADOW OF VADER Following Writer’s Firing

Star Wars: Shadow of Vader
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has cancelled the Star Wars: Shadow of Vader limited series originally scheduled to launch in November. Lucasfilm announced the series October 5 at New York Comic Con, with Chuck Wendig writing all five issues.

Marvel has informed retailers that the issues “have been cancelled and will not be resolicited.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

In late October, Wendig tweeted that he had been “fired” from the book by Marvel’s Star Wars group editor Mark Paniccia based on the content of tweets he made decrying people who had harassed him over his Star Wars novel Aftermath, which featured LGBT characters. Wendig says he has also been removed from an as-yet unannounced Star Wars project he was scheduled to write.

Wendig did not elucidate which specific tweets he says Paniccia cited to him as the cause of his firing, but said he felt it was a decision made by Marvel Comics, and not Lucasfilm.

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