Two UNCANNY X-MEN Alums (and an Adult CYCLOPS) Take Over Title in FEBRUARY

Uncanny X-Men #11
Credit: Salvador Larroca (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Salvador Larroca (Marvel Comics)

Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Salvador Larroca will be taking over the recently-relaunched Uncanny X-Men title in February following the 10-part weekly era of the book. Rosenberg, who is part of the three-person writing team of the first 10 issues, will start his solo run with a story titled "Devastation."

The cover art shows a seemingly-retuned adult Cyclops, mourning over the (latest) destruction of the Xavier Institute.

Uncanny X-Men #11 will be Larroca's first major Marvel U project in the past three years, as he has been working primarily on Marvel's Star Wars titles. Larroca is an Uncanny X-Men veteran, having illustrated several runs in the 1990s and 2000s with writers Scott Lobdell, Chris Claremont, and Ed Brubaker.

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