Image's SLEEPLESS Ends in January 2019

Image Comics January 2019 cover
Credit: Leila Del Duca/Alissa Sallah (Image Comics)
Credit: Leila Del Duca/Alissa Sallah (Image Comics)

Image Comics' Sleepless will end with January's #11, according to series artist Leila del Duca.

"Just started inking the very last page of Sleepless," del Duca tweeted Tuesday. "This page has all of the elements I loved to draw most in this series so I’m going to cherish every last brush stroke."

When asked if it was indeed "the very" last by a fan, del Duca confirmed it was - but that was planned that way from the outset.

Credit: Leila Del Duca/Alissa Sallah (Image Comics)

"Alas, it is true. The story we set out to tell was limited in length and is now reaching the end. :)"

Back in a December 2017 Newsarama interview, Sarah Vaughn alluded to the title's finite run.

"It’s hard to explain for me why, but I’m really passionate about standalone stories and limited series. I like things to be complete and definite, without any worry of the future," said Vaughn. "I’m sure I could anxiously over analyze that, but I love pulling a book off the shelf or pressing play on a show or movie and revisiting it over and over rather than wondering what will happen to my favorite characters next. It’s not better, it’s just what calls to me more."

Here is the solicitation for the last issue, due out January 9, 2019.

JANUARY 9 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $3.99
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