WOLVERINE & HULK Show Tough Love To Their Mash-Up in HULKVERINES

Hulkverines #1
Credit: Greg Land/Frank G. D'Armata (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Greg Land/Frank G. D'Armata (Marvel Comics)

The Wolverine/Hulk hybrid Weapon H will be meeting his proverbial parents in a new Hulkverines limited series launching in February 20, 2019. Following up from the short-lived Weapon H ongoing, this new series by writer Greg Pak will pit the Marvel mash-up against the Hulk and the recently-returned Wolverine.

"In February, Marvel will debut Hulkverines, a three-issue miniseries detailing what happens when Logan and Bruce Banner's emerald other half unite in order to take down the government experiment gone rogue," reads CBR's description of the series. "It seems neither one of the heroes is pleased to learn that their unique abilities were used to create a super soldier, and they're going to bring him down.

Weapon H artist Ario Anindito is slated to draw the first and last issues of the three-issue series, while fellow Weapon H alum Guiu Villanova will draw #2.

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