BRIGANTIA Looks For Her Past in #2 Preview

Brigantia #2

The pagan goddess Brigantia returns as she looks for clues to how she was transported to modern times in the upcoming Brigantia #2. Like the first issue released in 2017, Brigantia's creators are raising funds to publish this issue on Kickstarter.

“In this issue, we’re really starting to dig into Brigantia’s psyche – trying to show that despite her divine powers, she struggles with a fear of failure like the rest of us," says writer Christopher Mole. "As with the last issue, we’ll be working with a pagan consultant to ensure that we’re staying true to the Goddess and grounding the story in real pagan myth. We’re really excited to have Aditya Bidikar on lettering duties – he’s produced some phenomenal work for publishers like Image, Black Crown and Vault Comics, and we’re confident that he’ll compliment Mel’s artwork perfectly.”

If thier Kickstarter is successful, Mole and artist Melissa Trender plan to have Brigantia #2 on-sale by May 2019.

“The art in issue #2 has changed a bit from issue #1- the quality has improved dramatically as I learnt so much while making the first issue," says Trender. "I’m going to be working in a slightly more fluid style, and the colours are going to be brighter (not just because we’ll be venturing away from my beautiful grey London!), but the core of good character expression and dynamic action will remain. I’m really excited to play with some horror elements as well, with the grotesqueness of the Ghost Dogs, and to have a new character to play with in Anna, whose wardrobe is slightly more varied than Brigantia’s Celtic furs or Pravin’s professorial chic.”

Brigantia #2
Writer: Christopher Mole
Artist: Melissa Trender
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Although beginning to come to terms with life in our time after her defeat of Veteris, she still seeks a way to undo his treachery and return to the past. Brigantia travels to the north of England to search for the portal that brought her to the present, where she meets Anna, an archaeologist working on a dig right above the cave that the portal was located in. Anna and Brigantia descend into the cave to find the portal, but accidentally unleash a greater threat – the terrifying ‘Ghost Dogs’, who have been summoned by Veteris to destroy Brigantia and spread terror across the British Isles.

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