Post Game TV Recap: V S1E3: "A Bright New Day"

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The world of V just got bigger.

Up until the last episode, it looked like FBI agent Erica Evans and her friendly neighborhood priest would have to go up against the "Visitors" alone, or maybe with a few rogue Vs themselves.

But with last week's "A Bright New Day" episode, viewers were introduced to a much broader resistance movement called "The Fifth Column" and a few of its key players.

The episode picked up the cliffhanger from the previous show, where Dale was still alive and wakes up. It turns out he can't remember anything, but his V doctors tells him that he's on the New York mothership. The doctor is going to try to help him remember who attacked him.

Meanwhile, Jack is taking confessions at church and is frustrated about how he can stop the alien invasion, which just got another boost when the V's were granted diplomatic relations and the ability to visit Earth. Jack goes to his FBI agent buddy Erica's house and finds out she's going through the FBI list of people who reported an alien invasion. She's separating them into piles that include "cracks" and "deceased," and after she leaves Jack to finish working on the list, he discovers George Sutton, the man who led the meeting where Jack and Erica first met.

Meanwhile, Erica helps the V's prevent a human gunman from attacking them. But while she's allowed access to their peace ambassador center, she finds a room with video screens that appear to be monitoring everything that the V's are doing now that they have gained diplomatic access to Earth. Erica discovers the videos are coming from a camera hidden on the V's jackets.

And later, we find out the gunman wasn't a human after all. The whole shooting threat was fabricated by the V's to make them seem like peaceful victims.

Score another point for the V's in public opinion.

Jack visits the address listed as George's house on his FBI report and finds out he no longer lives there, and that his family was killed, murders he blamed on aliens. Jack leaves behind his card, hoping to talk to George about building a resistance. Later, George finds Jack at church and holds him at gunpoint, but Jack tries to convince him to join with him to resist the V's.

Georgie and Jack aren't the only ones conspiring. Ryan, the V we met in the pilot whose arm was cut, talked with Cyrus, the man whose card was left in the apartment he shares with his clueless human fiance. It turns out that Cyrus has connections to The Fifth Column, a V resistance organization that Georgie Sutton said still exists. The Fifth Column was apparently a group of Vs who, after being secretly placed on Earth, decided against the invasion and went rogue. No one's sure if its now legendary leader, John May, is even real.

Although Cyrus pretended to be Ryan's ally in the resistance, he turned on him, saying he made a deal with the Vs to get "reconnected" to "The Bliss" if he turned in enough Fifth Column members. Ryan ended up winning the battle, although viewers didn't see what happened to the body. When the V's later visit the scene, someone has painted the words "John May Lives" on the door.

The biggest revelation, however, was this notion of being "reconnected to The Bliss," something that Cyrus made seem like a drug and that Ryan said gives Anna control over the V's.

Anna's control is echoed by her actions this episode, when one of Earth's most vocal and recognized demonstrators against the V's, Mary Faulkner, is about to speak publicly. Anna, after practicing her fake caring reaction, uses her alien wiles to gain Mary's favor before the speech.

The V's win another victory in the public opinion war.

Lisa, the V on which Erica's son Tyler has a crush, ends up in Tyler's room. When mom Erica comes home, some quick thinking by Lisa results in her being half naked, hiding the fact she's a V. Erica assumes she's some cute blonde human and just tells Tyler to get her out. But the relationship between Lisa and Tyler is further cemented as he's allowed back into the peace ambassador program.

Dale, who confirms he wasn't the "only V at the bureau," finally remembers that it was Erica who attacked him. He tells his doctor that he's going to go kill her now.

But wait -- that's no V doctor, Dale. That's a member of the Fifth Column who was just fooling with you. He tricked you into revealing an ally in the FBI. Oops, Dale's dead. (Poor Wash can't get a break - a joke, folks.)

The episode ends with three key things being emphasized:

1) Lisa is reporting on Tyler to Anna. "We should use him," she says. Anna replies that she's proud of Lisa, who says, "Thank you mother."

2) There is a new level of public support for the visitors, something reporter Chad Decker is still unsure if he should like.

3) The resistance is becoming more substantial. Not only does the Fifth Column exist (and is organized enough to fool Dale into believing he was on a V ship), but the episode ended with Jack introducing Erica to Georgie, who has brought Ryan along.

Tonight's episode looks like it will further explore "The Bliss," and it's the last episode before a break that will take us into the next year.

So what did you think, Newsarama readers? Intrigued by the idea of the "Fifth Column" and its V resistance? Growing impatient with Tyler's rebellious and lust-driven fascination with the V's? Making any predictions on what the V's are doing on Earth anyway, and why they need the humans to like them?

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