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Credit: Marvel Comics

Donny Cates, Ariel Olivetti, and Jordie Bellaire's Death of the Inhumans lives up to its name in an unexpected way with this week’s #5, the series’ final issue.

But with the death and destruction (which are definitely there), an unexpected return takes place. Read on to find out how it all shakes out.

Spoilers ahead for Death of the Inhumans #5.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As Death of the Inhumans #5 opens, Black Bolt learns his vocal cords, shredded after Maximus/Vox slit his throat, can only handle unleashing his power once more. Rallying what’s left of the Royal Family along with Beta Ray Bill, Black Bolt orders the ship to turn around and face the Kree – and the Inhumans who have been turned into Voxes – head on.

When they arrive (by crashing their ship into the Kree stronghold) Black Bolt and his team are quickly confronted by Vox-ified versions of Crystal and Lockjaw. After a pitched battle, Black Bolt realizes his only chance to defeat the Kree is to destroy the Vox army.

Raising his voice – perhaps for the final time – Black Bolt destroys the army of Vox Inhumans, leaving only Lockjaw and Crystal still under Kree control. But with the Vox destroyed, Crystal and Lockjaw revert back.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Now, with most of his people dead at his own hand, Black Bolt vows to rebuild the Inhumans and departs with the now mostly reunited Royal Family.

The Inhumans’ next appearance hasn’t been announced yet, however Cates is set to relaunch Guardians of the Galaxy in January 2019.

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