Assassin's Creed: Uprising Finale
Credit: Jose Holder (Titan Comics)
Credit: Jose Holder (Titan Comics)

Editor's Note: With the recent release of Titan Comics' Assassin's Creed Uprising, series artist Jose Holder has agreed to provide some commentary on several key pages from the finale.

The final chapter of the Phoenix Project presented many new opportunities to develop the cast of Assassin’s Creed Uprising, through their adventures and exchanges with other characters. The stakes were higher than ever before, forcing our heroes to make unholy alliances in search of the truth. This is where the final arc of Assassin’s Creed Uprising thrived, in the capable hands of my two writing gurus, Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters.

Credit: Jose Holder (Titan Comics)

I was constantly inspired by the plot as it unraveled, page by page, and often treated my experience from a fanboy’s perspective. I plotted daily, savouring each script revelation as the layouts and pages eventually came to life.

Alex and Dan certainly kept me on my toes, constantly feeding me new locales, richly developed set pieces, jaunts back into time, fiendishly clever cliffhangers and a revolving door of engaging characters.

Keeping track of them wasn’t easy, and I definitely stumbled my way through on occasion, happily challenged by the sheer number of players in any given scene.

Credit: Jose Holder (Titan Comics)

These sometimes unconventional pairings and solo adventures made for superb story beats, which meant opportunities to evolve characterization through body language and facial expressions.

As an example, the tension between the young assassins and Black Cross was truly palpable, reflected in the brilliantly written dialogue exchanges between them. The edgy, sarcastic, dismissive, often arrogant, playful banter.

Credit: Jose Holder (Titan Comics)

It goes without saying that Jasdip and Otso Berg were instant runaway hits for me, and I relished designing new costumes for them both. On this page, we see the J-man looking badass, sporting anime inspired angles and about to commit to his death defying leap of faith.

My colorist extraordinaire, Marco Lesko, pulled out all the stops to bring this page to life, and it stands as my fave of the series.

Marco and I worked very closely, although separated by miles of internet cable, and generously traded information that strongly impacted each other’s performance. In the process, creating a life-long friendship of the medium.

Credit: Jose Holder (Titan Comics)

The mysterious elderly couple from the south of Spain were tons of fun to conceive. I initially treated them in a horror veil, highlighting their strong affection and devilish presence. They were abnormally powerful, agile, and well-trained, to the shock of Assassins Kiyoshi & Arend-Schut.

The strangers quickly dismantled our heroes, proving themselves a good match and even greater mystery. I wanted their ferocity to be scary, unforgettable. My inspiration was the old lady from the movie Legion.

Once the Uprising squad got their act together, things quickly changed in their favor, which was a perfect time to introduce Jasdip and his helo crew of baddies.

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