More Lanterns, New Concepts, Murder Mystery in THE GREEN LANTERN #1 - SPOILERS

The Green Lantern #1
Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)
Credit: Liam Sharp (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for The Green Lantern #1.

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s The Green Lantern #1 has introduced several new concepts, including the evil Blackstars, a “Weaponeer” character that looks like an alternate version of Hal Jordan, and Lanterns of different wavelengths, like X-Ray and Microwave.

The Guardians of the Universe also have a new Oa, but their Book of Oa has been corrupted somehow. And there’s an unknown traitor in the midst of the Lantern Corps.

It’s all part of the relaunched comic book that Morrison promised would read like a police procedural. And he was telling the truth - there’s plenty of that, as the story follows the case of a pirate attack on an alien planet.

But what results from the criminal investigation is a murder mystery that must be solved by Hal Jordan. And this mystery one involves a “lethal cargo” that’s connected to anti-matter and the evil Commander Mu, leader of the Blackstars.

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

Let’s take a look at the issue’s spoilers to find out more.


All in a Day’s Work

The Green Lantern #1 opens with the Guardians of the Universe, who are opening a line of communication with Maxim Tox, the Green Lantern for Space Sector 2018.2.

The scene switches to show Maxim Tox fighting a group of space pirates. The criminals just stole the powerful “Luck Dial” from the Luck Lords of Ventura.

Tox wins the battle thanks to his Green Lantern partner, the virus Floozle Flem, who infects the criminals.

“Floozle Flem doesn’t catch you,” Tox says. “You catch Floozle Flem.”

After some chit-chat with Lanterns Chriselon and Trilla-Tu, Tox announces that he didn’t capture the leader of the pirates, who got away. He goes off to investigate the crime.

As he’s examining the pirate ships, Tox’s ring reports that “anti-matter” is “detected.” The Lantern is killed by something that apparently escaped from the pirates’ cargo hold.

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

Commander Mu

Elsewhere, the leader of the pirates delivers the “Luck Dial” to the villainous Controller Mu, leader of the Blackstars.

But the pirate leader reports that his “cargo killed a Green Lantern” and that some of his crew was killed and others captured.

Speaking of those captured criminals, Chriselon is piloting the paddy wagon ship that will deliver them to New Oa. Included is a giant spider, a klik-ing robot, and a shape-shifting, four-armed hamster.

One of the criminals points out that he has the Luck Dial, and they attack Chriselon.

The prison ship veers from its course and crashes on planet Earth.

Bored Earthling

On Earth, Hal Jordan has been very bored during his visit home, but at least he’s hooked up for the night with former girlfriend Eve Doremus. Although she points out Hal’s lack of direction and string of dead-end jobs, the two end up having sex.

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

Later, Hal leaves Eve’s place and begins wandering a desert road when he’s attacked by an alien, although Hal easily subdues him.

Hal wonders where the alien came from, which leads him to Chriselon’s ship.

“I let them loose,” the injured Chriselon tells Hal when he arrives. “Three of the deadliest killers in the galaxy. If they reach population centers, the devastation will be terrible!”

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

Hal uses Chriselon’s lantern to recharge his ring and, after an inspirational citing of the Green Lantern oath, Hal charges off to make short work of the escaped criminals.

As Hal puts them in the can (no, literally a can), he reveals that their Luck Dial is a fake, and they’ve been running on just “plain old ordinary luck.”

Oan Revelations

After Hal’s easy victory on Earth, he is called to New Oa, where he learns that his forced exile has ended.

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

The Guardians enlist his help to pursue the “lethal cargo” that killed Maxim Tox, asking him to solve the mystery.

In his discussion with one of the Guardians, Hal learns that the prophesy in the Book of Oa has undergone “revisions and amendments” and is no longer trustworthy.

Then readers are told the story of the Guardians, emphasizing their authority as the law of all the universe.

And a few interesting tidbits are revealed by one of the Guardians:

- The shattered Source Wall separates the material universe from “sublime and non-dual omni-awareness.”

- In the service of the Guardians are “X-Ray Lanterns, Gamma Lanterns, Microwave Lanterns = the reach of our peacekeeping force extends across all scales and wavelengths, from the nanoscopic to the unspeakably immense.”

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

- One of the Lanterns seeks to destroy the Guardians. “A traitor within our ranks will shortly be uncovered. We already know who it will be.”

Credit: Liam Sharp/Steve Oliff (DC Comics)

Back with Mu

Deep inside Astroid X, the Blackstars headquarters, Controller Mu explains that the Luck Dial (the real one in his possession) means they now have in their possession “two of the five components necessary for the construction of our ultimate asset.”

He then announces that the “Anti-Matter Lantern” is within his grasp.

“Commence vivisection!” Mu says, turning toward a character that looks like Hal Jordan, but with a yellow and black costume. The character’s chest has been surgically opened by giant alien machinery.

“Extract the Heart of the Weaponeer!” Mu says.

The story continues December 5 with The Green Lantern #2.

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