It Appears the INFINITY WARPS Are Sticking Around - INFINITY WARS #5 SPOILERS

Page from 'Infinity Wars #5'
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Infinity Wars #5 by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato Jr. set the stage for the conclusion of the limited series – and introduced the potential for the “Infinity Warps” mash-up universe to stick around once the story is over.

Read on to find out how Arachknight, Soldier Supreme, Weapon Hex, and the rest could stick around – but only if you want spoilers.

Spoilers ahead for Infinity Wars #5.

While fighting Devondra (the creature that Gamora has unleashed in the Soul Gem to keep the “Infinity Warps” heroes and their un-warped allies busy), Adam Warlock reveals to Soldier Supreme that the end result of the fight with Devondra and Gamora will be the unmaking of the Warps.

Unsurprisingly, Soldier Supreme doesn’t want to be unmade – as he says, the mash-up universe is the only life he’s ever known. At first, Warlock says “matters will be more complicated,” but then reveals there could be a way to keep the Infinity Warps Universe alive.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Though he doesn’t get specific, Warlock reveals to Soldier Supreme that the Infinity Warps Universe could survive inside the Soul Stone – if it winds up in the right hands when Devondra and Gamora are defeated.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Fortunately, that moment could come sooner rather than later – outside the Soul Stone, Loki’s ersatz Infinity Watch uses their alt-reality stones to defeat Gamora – just before Loki steals the alt-Stones back and breaks through the Valley of Souls to find what appear to be a bunch of Celestials.

In Infinity Wars #5’s final scenes, Gamora is shunted into the Soul Stone where she is apparently defeated once and for all – but the fate of her stones remains unknown.

The event concludes in December 19’s Infinity Wars #6.

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