PSYCHO-PIRATE Cast for DC-CW's 'Elseworlds' Crossover - Report

Credit: DC Comics

Bob Frazer has been cast as Roger Hayden - a.k.a. Psycho-Pirate - for the CW's "Elseworlds" crossover, according to Entertainment Weekly. Frazer's character is reportedly scheduled to appear in The Flash and Supergirl episodes as an inmate of Arkham Asylum, where Jeremy Davies' Dr. John Deegan works.

In comic books, Psycho-Pirate's Medusa Mask gives him the ability to manipulate people's emotions - and over the decades he has become a lynchpin in some of DC's biggest comic book events. Psycho-Pirate played a major role in Crisis on Infinite Earths, which the CW’s The Flash has been teasing an adaptation of since its first season.

Frazer is best known for roles in The 100 and The Man in the High Castle, but coincidentally previously played a bit part as an "angry father" in the 2017 Supergirl episode "Damage." He also played Larik in Syfy's Flash Gordon TV series.

"Elseworlds" is scheduled to begin December 9 with The Flash, followed by Arrow on December 10, and Supergirl on December 11.

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