'Blessings from BATMAN' Fundraising Drive To Help Single Mom Whose Life Savings Were Stolen

Blessings from Batman
Credit: Eric Canete
Credit: Jim Mahfood

Shawn Crystal is raising funds to help a friend in need with a GoFundMe and eBay art auction dubbed "Blessings from Batman." The artist is doing this to help a friend named Jamie (Crystal is holding back on posting her full name for privacy and discreteness), whose life savings were recently stolen.

"We’re calling our artistic community together to help support a fellow artist and her daughter. Jamie and her daughter are a strong family unit - leading a beautifully minimalistic lifestyle and placing their value on soulful experiences and pursuing personal dreams. Recently, they experienced a soul-crushing and distressful hardship when someone broke into their home and disarmed their safe, taking the 10+ years of savings Jamie had persistently set aside for her daughter’s college fund," Crystal wrote.

Credit: Declan Shalvey

"Unfortunately, it was discovered thereafter that home insurance will not cover cash theft. A few of us have come together to share this story with our fellow artists in hopes that we can replace even a portion of what Jamie and her daughter have lost."

Crystal has organized a Batman-themed auction with donated artwork from himself, Sean Murphy, Klaus Janson, Tim Sale, Declan Shalvey, Jim Mahfood, Tommy Lee Edwards, Dan Panosian, Dustin Nguyen, Becky Cloonan, Bengal, Howard Chaykin, Rafael Albuquerque, Mike Del Mundo, and more.

Credit: Eric Canete

Crystal has launched the auction with several pieces, and plans to add five to six new pieces on eBay each Monday for the month of November. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be given to Jamie.

"Respectfully, due to Jamie’s deeply humble nature, we believe it would be best to keep this discrete throughout the month of November, while the fundraising and art auction are live," Crystal writes. "In addition to making a contribution, we are inviting everyone to please leave a comment, or contact us with a private message here, with any messages you would like to share with Jamie. We will be compiling all of the comments and messages into a printed book to gift to her along with the raised funds. It is our hope to present her with this story of everyone’s support, the book of comments, and the raised funds, all at once."

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