CLONE WARS Weekly - Time For Luminara To Shine

CLONE WARS Weekly: Legacy of Terror

Jedi General Luminara Unduli has been a steady presence on Clone Wars over the last two seasons.

She first made her presence known in season one’s “Cloak of Darkness,” when she and Ahsoka went up against the assassin Asaaj Ventress. Now she and her padawan Barriss Offee, along with Anakin and Ahsoka, are part of the 4-part Geonosian campaign, along with the likes of Obi-Wan and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Olivia d’Abo, best known for playing Karen Arnold in the series The Wonder Years has voiced Luminara since the series’ inception. She has since turned into a veteran voice actor herself, including rolls such as Star Sapphire and others on “Justice League,” Tak on “Invader Zim” and Jane Porter on “Tarzan.” As it turns out, being part of the Star Wars universe is a natural for this daughter of a member of the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame (her dad, Mike, was part of the Manfred Mann Band).

“I love science fiction, the fantasy genre, and comic books,” she said. “They tend to stand the test of time because of their marvelous content; these kinds of projects will always capture people’s attention by providing far-away settings we’d like to escape to. I’ve been really lucky with all my roles and projects because I have an innate understanding of what they require. I just jump in and make them my own.”

““The themes and characters in the [live-action] films have had such a major influence on me and everyone I know As a child, ‘Star Wars’ allowed me to fall into another world that was more vivid, more defined, more authentic and so much more exciting. There’s nothing lightweight about the philosophy of the films, and I am finding that ‘The Clone Wars’ series is just as timeless.”

Last episode, we got to see how Barriss and Ahsoka would interact. With this episode, “Legacy of Terror,” it’s Luminara’s time to shine.

The set-up is taken from the previous week’s episode. After Luminara, Anakin, Ahsoka and Barriss have successfully taken down the Geonosian weapon mill, its owner, Poggle The Lesser is on the run. Luminara takes chase, leading her to the hive of the planet’s evil queen, Karina the Great. Now it’s up to Anakin, Ahsoka and Barriss to save Luminara.

Yet before this episode is over all the Jedi might need rescuing.

“Luminara is a Jedi, so she’s always going to have that ability to focus and remain calm,” says d’Abo, providing a bit of foreshadowing. “I’m thrilled to be playing a role that requires such wisdom and strength; it is really empowering.”

“Legacy of Terror” will air this Friday, November 20, as usual at 9:00 p.m. eastern. If the monthly schedule provided by Cartoon Network is any indicator, SWCW will take a break on Black Friday, November 27, for a Ben 10 special movie. From there, we shouldn’t be surprised if the Geonosian quartet ends on Friday, December 3.


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