Full Issue Preview: THE LIBRARIANS VOL. 1 TPB

The Librarians Vol. 1 TPB

Read the entire first chapter of The Librarians Vol. 1 trade paperback right here, ahead of its October 31 release.

The Librarians Vol.1
Writer: Will Pfeiffer
Art: Rodney Buchemi
Cover: Photo Cover
104 pages | $17.99 | Teen+
Way back in the swinging '70s, movie producer Sol Schick was the guy behind such cheesy classics as "Quarry: Bigfoot!," Noah's Ark: Found at Last!" and "Heavenly Visitors from the Hell Above." But when he's murdered - at a film festival! - with a piece of Noah's Ark! - THE LIBRARIANS are drawn into the mystery. Can their combination of special skills, obsessive curiosity and knowledge of forgotten lore figure out who - or what - spelled doom for Schick? And as they delve deeper into his past, is it possible that things are not as they seem and that all his crazy, wild movies...were telling the truth?

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