Inside the TOM STRONG/SPIRIT Crossover That Never Happened

The Spirit / Tom Strong
Credit: Darwyn Cooke/Chris Sprouse (DC Comics)

Artist Tom Fowler has shared concept sketches from a planned crossover between DC's Tom Strong and Will Eisner's the Spirit that he developed with writer Jeff Parker, but which was abruptly cancelled, according to the artist.

Here's a collection of sketches Fowler shared on Twitter:

Fowler didn't share many details of the planned crossover's specific plot, but did say it would have included "Henry Ford’s Amazonian suburbs, prehistoric mammals, non-racist supporting characters, and sewer cthulhus."

Fowler also said it would have been a follow up to Mysterius, the previous story he worked on with Jeff Parker, placing the planned story's development around 2009 - the same year DC ceased publishing The Spirit.

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