AVENGERS 4 Trailer Coming This Year, NAMOR Could Come to the MCU - Report

Page from 'Avengers #9'
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige may have just dropped a couple MCU bombshells, according to Erick Weber of Critic's Choice.

Weber says that he had an opportunity to ask Feige a series of questions - which Feige reportedly obliged. 

"OK, here we go, 3 quick questions, answers direct from Kevin Feige's mouth," tweeted Weber. "1. Avengers 4 trailer 'before the end of the year', 2. Namor could make an appearance, still deciding if & when, 3. [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3] status 'on hold.'"

It's unclear when Marvel may have cleared the film rights to use Namor onscreen. Previously, Universal had the rights, though with no film in production, it is possible their license may have lapsed as the rights to Daredevil and Ghost Rider each reverted to Marvel Studios when a certain amount of time passed without a film or television series in production.

Or certain usage rights may have been or could be carved out similar to how Marvel Studios can use the Hulk and now Spider-Man in some films.

Namor will be front and center in Marvel's planned year long 2019 series Invaders, in which he is the primary antagonist.

As for Guardians 3, this marks no change from the previous update. 

Weber reported no more specific timeframe for the release of the Avengers 4 trailer - which will presumably reveal the film's final title.

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