HURRICANE MICHAEL Tore Through One Florida Comic Store, But It's Coming Back - and Asking for Help

Comic Emporium
Credit: Greg Ray

One of the many homes and businesses struck along Northwest Florida by Hurricane Michael was Comic Emporium. Owned by Greg Ray, Comic Emporium was heavily damaged by the high winds and rain when the storm made landfall on October 10, and was also looted twice in the aftermath of the storm.

Following this, a long-time customer started a Facebook fundraising campaign that has to date raised over $1,000; following this, the store owner himself has set up a GoFundMe for non-Facebook users.

Credit: Greg Ray

"Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive and we are determined to go on," said Ray. "If we have given you reason to smile at some point in the last 18 years or provided you with an hour or two of entertainment, please consider contributing. Thank you all so much. I am looking forward to taking my place behind the counter again very soon."

Ray re-opened for the first time this Friday, operating out of the parking lot infront of his building. Customers who have pull lists with Comic Emporium can now resume picking up their orders, and Ray is having a 25% sale on all merchandise. Internet services remain inoperable for a majority of Panama City, so Comic Emporium is asking for customers to pay in cash - credit card sales can be accommoated however, using Paypal.

Credit: Greg Ray

Comic Emporium is Panama City's longest-running comic book retailer, founded in 2000 by Greg Ray and expanding to include merchandise and events for roleplayers, board gamers, wargamers, and card players.

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