Bet It All on Bots in PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! #3 Preview

Patience! Conviction! Revenge! #3

What happens in cyberpunk Vegas stays in this preview of November 14's Patience! Conviction! Revenge! #3 from AfterShock Comics.

$3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color / ON SALE NOVEMBER 14th
Writer: Patrick Kindlon
Artist: Marco Ferrari
Colorist: Patrizia Comino
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artists: Marco Ferrari w/ Patrizia Comino
Disregarded, disrespected and dismissed, Renny has a chip on his shoulder.
Once a partner in the criminal syndicate that rules Las Vegas, he’s been banished to a shack in the desert. But Renny's been busy building a robot army—and now it’s time to march into the neon hell of a cyberpunk Vegas and retake his seat at the table.
Old friends better run, because Operation PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! is underway.
While Renny and Marisol argue over which of them is the captive and which is the kidnapper, Robot Paul takes a job at the casino. His manager's name is Death By Torture Bot, so it'll be a difficult first day of work. Plus: The Organization answers Renny's transgression with explosive violence!
Written by Patrick Kindlon (There's Nothing There, We Can Never Go Home) and drawn by Marco Ferrari (Famous Monsters Presents), PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! continues Kindlon’s exploration of difficult characters and irreverent themes.

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