BOOM! Doubles Up On BEN 10 With FOR SCIENCE! OGN

Ben 10: For Science!
Credit: BOOM! Studios
Credit: BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios' line of Ben 10 original graphic novels has expanded with a second planned OGN titled For Science! coming in summer 2019.

"In Ben 10: For Science! a science camp is attacked by a mysterious threat and Ben and Gwen must go undercover as campers to find out who or what is responsible," reads BOOM!'s description. "To have any chance of saving the day, they’ll need to follow the grisly trail of science experiments gone wrong."

Ben 10: For Science! is written by Not Your Sidekick writer C.B. Lee with art from Adventure Time's Mattia Di Meo.

“I'm so excited to bring Ben and Gwen to the dynamic world of discovery in For Science!” said Lee in a statment. “As they go undercover at a science camp to investigate monster rumors, they get swept up in making new friends and learning the wonders of space, robotics and more!”

“I can't wait to start this new adventure with Ben 10!” added Di Meo. “Ben and his family are such strong characters, so it’s a treat to bring them to life...along with robots and space aliens. What else could I ask for?”

“We’re excited to jump back into all new adventures with Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max in Ben 10: For Science!,” said editor Cameron Chittock. “C.B. Lee and Mattia Di Meo bring vibrant energy and heart to every page, worthy of this incredible series.”

BOOM!'s Ben 10 line of OGNs will debut in March 2019 with Ben 10: The Truth Is Out There. Ben 10: For Science! is scheduled for release in July 2019.

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