JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK's Alvaro Martinez Bueno Renews DC Exclusive Deal

Justice League Dark #4
Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Comics

DC Entertainment have renewed its 'exclusive' contract with artist Alvaro Martinez Bueno for three additional years. Martinez Bueno is currently illustrating Justice League Dark.

"I believe we have a lot of exciting stories to tell and many DC characters that I want to draw in the future," Martinez Bueno said. "I also want to repay DC's trust in me, always giving me amazing books and pushing my career forward. I love working with James [Tynion IV], Raul [Fernandez] and Brad [Anderson], and of course, our amazing editorial team: Marie [Javins], [Rebecca Taylor] and Andrew [Marino]. let's keep making great comic books, guys!"

Martinez Bueno has worked regularly for DC since 2014 on titles such as Aquaman, Batman Eternal, and Detective Comics.

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