MARVEL 2-IN-ONE Ends With November's #12, But ZDARSKY Teases 'Spiritual Successor' (And No It's Not FF)

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Credit: Paul Renaud (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Paul Renaud (Marvel Comics)

Marvel 2-in-One writer Chip Zdarsky has confirmed that the series ends with November 28's #12, in deference to the recently launched Fantastic Four title.

"I knew I wanted to tell a couple of personal stories between the characters for issues #11 and #12, but I really want to stay out of the way of Dan’s Fantastic Four book, so it seemed like as good a time as any to wrap it up," Zdarsky told Newsarama. "This, of course, coincided with developing Invaders, which feels like the spiritual successor to Marvel 2-in-One.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"Invaders will be about what we do for family, just like 2-in-One was. I hope people check it out."

Zdarsky's Invaders (with artists Carlos Magno and Butch Guice) is scheduled to launch January 16, 2019. It's scheduled to feature the original Human Torch, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Namor.

Look for Newsarama's full interview with Zdarsky on Marvel 2-in-One's final arc on Friday.

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