'Alien Worlds, New Universes, and a Lot of Emotions' in MARVEL 2-IN-ONE Finale

Marvel Comics November 2018 solicitations
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Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel 2-In-One was launched as part of "Marvel Legacy" to follow what was left of the Fantastic Four on Earth, but now a year later the Richards family is back - so what's next for 2-in-One? Well, tensions - how do Thing and Human Torch feel about being left behind by their teammates with no clue if they're even alive?

October 31's Marvel 2-in-One #11 by series writer Chip Zdarsky and guest artist Ramon Perez begins a two-issue arc dealing with that - first with Reed and Ben, and then with Sue and Johnny. These two issues will wrap up the series, as Zdarsky confirmed to Newsarama that the series will end with #12.

(But what, there is another - a "spiritual successor" to Marvel 2-in-One according to Zdarsky. Read more about that here.)

Newsarama spoke with Zdarsky ahead of Marvel 2-in-One's penultimate issue, talking about the finale, his run on the book, and reuniting with his old studiomate Ramon Perez.

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Newsarama: Chip, this month's Marvel-2-in-One #11 begins a new arc, with the Richardses back in the swing of things. What's it like given what this series was launched with to have them now at your fingertips?

Chip Zdarsky: Well, I’ve managed to write alternate versions of these characters over the run, but to write the real deals is pretty great. The timing lined up perfectly to devote #11 and #12 to their return!

Nrama: Did you know when Marvel 2-in-One launched that you'd get this opportunity?

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Zdarsky: No! I had a completely different plan for issues #10 and beyond!

But when I was writing issue #5, I was at a Marvel retreat and I got pulled aside to be one of the handful of people to know that the Fantastic Four were coming back. It was pretty awesome sneaking away and hearing Dan Slott’s pitch before anyone else. So, I was excited as a fan, but also I used that opportunity with Dan and Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith in the room to properly figure out how I can navigate the return with Marvel 2-in-One.

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Nrama: In #11, you have a Thing and Mr. Fantastic team-up. What's it like with those two given all the time that has passed?

Zdarsky: It’s a little tense! Ben has unanswered questions. He just spent months trying to get Johnny out of a hole created by their apparent death. So, Reed has a lot to answer for in his eyes.

Nrama: 20 pages of talking heads by you and Ramon would be great in itself, but I imagine Reed and Ben are up to - or against - something in this issue. What's going on?

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Zdarsky: It’s a road trip between old friends, cleaning up loose ends and figuring out how to move forward as a family. Alien worlds, new universes, and a lot of emotions.

Nrama: And in #12, the Storm siblings reunite. How is their relationship, given all the time that's passed?

Zdarsky: They’re a little better off, though Johnny is a little weird with how easy their reintroduction has been. He missed his sister. His niece and nephew. But they left him behind.

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Nrama: Speaking of left behind…. where is Rachna Koul in the middle of all of this?

Zdarsky: Answered in issue #12! The Mad Thinker clearly got the multisect off of her, and used her lab to generate powers for his version of the Fantastic Four. So yeah, what’s up with Rachna?

Nrama: You're working with Ramon Perez on this, who seems like an ideal collaborator and Fantastic Four artist. How'd you luck out getting with him for this?

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Zdarsky: Just good timing! Ramon had a gap in his schedule for a couple of issues, but he enjoyed working on the book so he’s with us through issue #12! He runs my old studio, RAID, which grew exponentially under him, so I see him often and always wanted to work with him.

Nrama: I noticed there's no issue of Marvel 2-in-One in December's solicits - can you say what the title will be up to after November's #12?

Zdarsky: It’ll be done! I knew I wanted to tell a couple of personal stories between the characters for issues #11 and #12, but I really want to stay out of the way of Dan’s Fantastic Four book, so it seemed like as good a time as any to wrap it up. This, of course, coincided with developing Invaders, which feels like the spiritual successor to Marvel 2-in-One. Invaders will be about what we do for family, just like 2-in-One was. I hope people check it out.

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