RED SONJA vs. Werewolves in HALLOWEEN One-Shot Preview

"Red Sonja Halloween Special One-Shot"

Check out a preview of this week's Red Sonja Halloween Special.

Red Sonja Halloween Special One-Shot
writers: Erik Burnham, Tom Defalco, Anthony Marques, Liam Marques
artists: Tom Garcia, Anthony Marques, Avery Marques
cover: Reilly Brown
FC  |  40 pages  |  $4.99  |   Teen+
During the Festival of the Dead, an old woman hires Sonja to find and save her son from a terrible evil. What Sonja is not told is that this terrible evil is the curse of lycanthropy... can Sonja defeat a werewolf during one of the longest and most magic-filled nights of the year, or will skill and luck finally fail her? Find out in RED SONJA: CURSE OF THE WOLF!

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