BENSONs Take a Break From Comics After Abrupt GREEN ARROW Exit

Green Arrow #46
Credit: Kaare Andrews (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Entertainment

The current Green Arrow run by writers Shawna and Julie Benson will be ending much sooner than they had planned, according to the sister writing duo. In DC's January 2019 solicitations, a new writing team was announced for the book - with Julie Benson speaking out about the change.

"As some of you have seen in the January 2019 comic solicitations, Shawna Benson and I are no longer writing a title for DC Comics," Julie Benson wrote on Facebook. "We’re sad to see our run on Green Arrow come to an end but are honored to have had the opportunity to write for this amazing legacy character."

The Benson sisters took over Green Arrow with August's #43, and their run will end now with December's #47.

"We had many more stories about Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Kate Spencer we were hoping to tell, but DC decided we were not the right fit for the book and informed us that they were going in another creative direction."

Credit: DC Entertainment

Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are solicited to begin on Green Arrow with January's #48, and the Bensons wish them well.

"We wish Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly the best on their run and have much love and appreciation for Javier Fernandez who continues to be one of the best artists in the business," said Benson. "Thank you to everyone who has read and appreciated our work, particularly the recent gut-wrenching issue #45. We are very proud of that book and on our entire runs of Green Arrow and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey for DC Comics."

With this, the Bensons say they are taking a hiatus from DC Comics and comic books entirely to focus on TV writing; Benson and Benson have penned episodes of Pemberley Digital’s Emmy-winning webseries, Emma Approved and wrote on Seasons 3 through 5 of CW’s The 100.

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