Alfred Pennyworth
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Jennie Scott

Actor Jack Bannon has been cast as young Alfred Pennyworth in Epix's Batman prequel Pennyworth.

Pennyworth is a 10-episode series that explores the life of young Alfred Pennyworth who goes to work for Thomas Wayne while fresh out of the SAS.

Here's the series' official description: "The 10-episode, one-hour drama series is based on DC characters created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. It follows Bruce Wayne’s legendary butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier in his 20s, who forms a security company and goes to work with a young billionaire Thomas Wayne, who’s not yet Bruce’s father, in 1960s London."

And the official description of the character of Alfred Pennyworth: "Alfred Pennyworth is a boyishly handsome, cheerful, charming, clever young man from London. Honest, open-faced and witty; you'd never take him for an SAS killer. Alfred doesn't know how to reconcile the kind-hearted boy he used to be with the cold, calculated killer he was forced to become. He's a man on the make, who doesn't know what to make of himself yet."

Gotham's Bruno Heller will serve as showrunner. Production is scheduled to begin October 10. No projected release date has been announced.

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