BATMAN: THE BRAVE & the BOLD - 1st Seaso

Batman: The Brave and The Bold -- "The Fate of Equinox"

-- Batman

The season finale opens up with armed guards on the lookout on top of a building.  Batman, always on the prowl, knocks one out with his patented one-hitter-quitter and moves on to take down the other guard just as easily.  Batman crashes down and is confronted by legendary Bat-villain, Two-Face.  Two-Face & Co. surround Batman and he flips his coin on the decision to see if his henchman will kill the Dark Knight.  It lands non-scarred face up... and surprisingly, Two-Face turns on the goons!  Batman and Two-Face form a temporary alliance and defeat the hired help without breaking a sweat.  To Batman's surprise, Harvey Dent then flips the coin again to see whether Two-Face gets Batman this time around.  Too bad for Two-Face that Batman rushes and knocks him out.

After the jazzy intro, we see the Batplane flying over a jungle and a ancient temple.  Batman climbs the staircase and then suddenly the temple starts crumbling and he's greeted by new Bat-baddie Equinox who invited him.  Equinox explains his plan, which basically consists of halving the world in light and dark.  A perfect balance, if you will.  He is using some sort of a giant gyroscope that has some otherworldly powers to aid him in this goal.  Luckily, Batman brought along Dr. Fate along for the ride.  Equinox summons winged serpent creatures and Fate battles them with magic while Bats uses Nth metal knuckles to fight.  Fate defeats the monsters, and then tries to get the jump on Equinox. Well, it is revealed that Equinox is the master of both Chaos Order magic.

During his brawl with Batman, Equinox falls into that gyroscope and that triggers the temple to explode.  Dr. Fate teleports him and Batman and both think that they got away too easy, as if Equinox wanted this to happen.  Both can't agree on how to pursue the situation further, with Fate wanting to use magical techniques and Batman the more scientific approach.  Though, when Batman's plane is transformed into a colossal red dragon, the two retreat to Fate's tower.  When there, Fate meditates on the matter at hand, but something is terribly wrong.  We cut to see Aquaman in his own realm, and Atlantis is under attack from sea monsters.  Dr. Fate feels that it's the planet is fighting between order and chaos.

And he's right. The space-time continum has been unbalanced and we now have dinosaurs roaming the earth again.  Worse yet, the shifting energies are affecting Fate's powers, making them weaker.  He suggests that he and Batman acquire aid from his masters, the Lords of Order.  Off they go to consult them and we learn a bit about Equinox's origin and his ultimate goal.  The Lords sense Equinox's presence and try to overpower him, but Equinox soon drains the Lords of their power.

Now, Equinox has become, for lack of a better word, a god.  Fate goes in with an attack, but Equinox reverses it.  Fate realizes Equinox is too powerful for one hero and he summons all the heroes who have made a cameos during the season:  The Flash (Jay Garrick), Hal Jordan, Fire, Red Tornado, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Black Canary, etc... and they are there to create a new hero out of all of their powers, with Batman becoming that hero.  He is then transformed into a titan himself in spiffy new blue armor, all to clash it out with Equinox like a Godzilla movie.  Batman tries using Fate's magic, but Equinox easily blocks it and he teleports both of them to outer space.  Batman uses all of the heroes powers from Plastic Man's elasticity to Green Arrow's, well, arrows, to Beetle's cannons, but it seems that Equinox is still a bit too powerful for Batman, even with the combined strength.

Of course Batman being Batman, he convinces Equinox that he is indeed out of balance and therefore, imperfect. Equinox is now distracted, confused, and losing power.  Batman swiftly punches him into the dark portal that Equinox was working on earlier and he returns to Earth and restores the powers of his friends.  The balance has been restored, and our heroes have saved the day.

viewers, what did you think of "The Fate of Equinox"?  I have to say that I didn't feel the tension with Equinox, or any real threat on his part since he's only made three appearances (you're more than welcome to correct me if I'm wrong).  I didn't feel any connection towards him as a villain.  I sort of wish they just went on ahead and used <a href=>Libra</a>, instead.  I think it's interesting how Batman in this series is frequently in the craziest of circumstances, but this one felt a bit too heavy.  Don't get me wrong, I love the series as a whole, but just wasn't really relating to anything in this episode.  I did think it was pretty cool of Fate to combine the heroes' powers to morph Batman into this titan and duke it out with Equinox.  I also think it was weird of Batman to argue with a wielder of Order magic on how to deal with somebody who possess both Chaos and Order magics.  Common sense should dictate here, Batman.

Reportedly Season 2 of Batman: The Brave and the Bold will bring in more A-list names, but that's never been the lure of the show.  I appreciate how they give coverage to of DC characters, not just the ones who already have a slew of merchandise.  I'll continue watching, I just think they could have done better with this finale.  Readers, I have two questions: One, what did you think of the finale; and two, who would you love to see grace this series with their presence?

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