VENOM Devours Projections with $205.2m Global Opening Weekend

Credit: Sony Pictures
Credit: Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures' Venom trounced box office projections with a $205.2 million opening weekend globally, according to Deadline. That breaks down to an $80m domestic gross, with $125.2m coming from 58 international audiences.

"[There was] alot more love than people were aware of beyond (the core) fans," said Steven O'Dell, Sony's President of International Distribution. "It went beyond other standalones and the ones with sequels."

Venom's opening weekend surpasses the recent Ant-Man & The Wasp's $161m, but behind Sony's last Marvel superhero effort - the Marvel Studios-produced Spider-Man: Homecoming, which raked in $257m in its global opening weekend.

Venom is currently open in North America, Canada, and 58 international markets. The Sony film will open in France, Denmark, and Hong Kong later this month. The film opens in Japan on November 2, however no Chinese release date has been announced.

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