Powe Rangers
Credit: Goni Montes (BOOM! Studios)

Following the "Shattered Grid" event, BOOM! Studios' Power Rangers have an new all-star team - and theyr'e here at New York Comic Con to talk about it. Marguerite Bennett (Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Kyle Higgins (Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of The Dragon), Daniele Di Nicuolo (Artist, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Simone Di Meo (Artist, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Dafna Pleban (Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios) and Megan Ruggiero (Publishing Manager, Hasbro Entertainment & Licensing) are scheduled to be here to talk about the recent event and what's to come.

And as part of Newsarama's live coverage of New York Comic Con 2018, you can follow along live with the below play-by-play. Give it a minute to load, and follow along!

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