Word Balloon: Marvel Editor TOM BREVOORT

Word Balloon: Marvel Editor TOM BREVOORT

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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, Tom Brevoort joins us to discuss the Strange mini-series from writer Mark Waid & artist Emma Rios. We discuss the new hero's path for Dr. Stephen Strange, who must discover who he is, if no longer the Socerer Supreme.

We also look inside the Avengers Titles, Captain America, and The Fantstic Four, all under Tom's editorial purview.

Then we take advantage of Tom's perspective as a Marvel insider since the late 80's to look at the inner workings of today's Marvel Comics.

How has comic storytelling changed in the last 10 years? What lessons have been learned in the last few years regarding events from Civil War to the upcoming Siege, to 2010's Heroic Age?

What kind of added content do readers think make a book worth the dollar jump to $3.99?

Pkus, we look at the evolution of the relationship between Marvel & it's fans, from letter pages to today's blogs (including Brevoort's own Marvel Blog).

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