Rain Tegelmeier 2019 releases
Credit: Scholastic
Credit: Scholastic

Cartoonist Raina Telgemeier has announced a pair of new releases for release in 2019, according to Vulture.

Telgemeier announced the two books - titled Guts and Share Your Smile - during her panel at New York Comic Con. 

Telgemeier described Share Your Smile as a "how to" book that delves into advice, techniques, and prompts for creating stories.

"I’ll start with Share Your Smile, which is kind of a how-to-journal book," Telgemeier told Vulture in an interview. "It’ll have writing prompts and journal prompts and ways to build stories, and a little bit of insight into my own comic speaking process."

Guts will be a "graphic memoir" in the style of many of Telgemeier's previous works.

Credit: Scholastic

"Guts is a memoir in the vein of Smile and Sisters," Telgemeier explained. "It takes place before Smile. It’s the true story of my struggle with anxiety as a young person. In fourth and fifth grades, I developed a bit of an anxiety disorder and started having panic attacks and phobia, specifically regarding food and stomachaches and bodily functions. So the story walks you through that experience and tries to get inside what it’s like to have a panic attack. It sees young Raina through therapy, which was a bit of a taboo subject at the time. It feels to me like a bit of a prequel to Smile. The inner workings of young Raina’s head before she was in middle school."

Share Your Smile is scheduled for release on April 30, 2019, while Guts is scheduled for September, 2019.

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