THREE JOKERS 'The Ultimate Joker/Batman Story,' New Concept Art Shown

Three Jokers #1
Credit: Jason Fabok (DC Comics/DC Black Label)

Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok are sharing secrets - and concept art - from their upcoming Black Label title Batman: Three Jokers at New York Comic Con. Revealed during Johns' Friday spotlight panel, Fabok calls this "the ultimate Joker/Batman story."

"It's a totally different tone," said Johns. "We wanted to tell the best Joker story, the best Batman story we possibly could."

Credit: Pierce Lydon (Newsarama)

Johns said he approached Fabok about Three Jokers about two years ago, which would line-up with the first confirmation of the multiple Jokers in comic books - May 2016's DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

"I feel that this story has a magic to it and when we were writing it up on the whiteboard, I had chills," said Fabok.

Credit: Pierce Lydon (Newsarama)

"This whole book is a lot of work but I'm enjoying this book so much," said Fabok. "I love getting up every morning and working on this book."

For the heroes' designs, Fabok pulled together a lot of different influences to try to give a look that looks modern but also timeless.

Credit: Pierce Lydon (Newsarama)

Even Fabok's Batmobile designs combine a lot of different eras of the Batmobile according to the artist.

Batman: Three Jokers is a three-issue prestige format limited series anticipated to debut in 2019.

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