Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E7: Of Human Action

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

Fringe is back and totally delivers in its most recent episode, “Of Human Action.”  The twists are back, along with the dramatic high intensity moments that the show is known for.

“Of Human Action” begins with a hostage situation, a suspected kidnapping that then turns strange when the kidnappers appear to have mind control capabilities, causing mayhem as they move from location to location.  However, in excellent Fringe-twist style, the kidnapped boy, Tyler, is actually the kidnaper.  

Here the episode leads us to Massive Dynamic, where Tyler’s father is a researcher.  As Nina Sharpe realizes that her employee and her company are involved in this situation, she does her best to help the Fringe division and offer her full support.  But do you ever really know when you can trust Nina and Massive Dynamic?

As the episode unfolds, Peter is kidnapped by Tyler as he goes on a search to find his mother, who apparently abandoned him and his father when he was young.  To avoid yet another hostile situation with Tyler utilizing his mind control capabilities, Walter saves the day by discovering a way of shutting down Tyler’s mind and blocking his capabilities.

All seems right with the world, that is, until Nina corresponds with William Bell, sending him an email update about how their “Tyler Project” is progressing.  What great interest does Massive Dynamic have with mind control?  Is this preparation for a collision with the other side?  I have a feeling more will come from this project.

Here’s my take…all in all, definitely not a standalone episode.  I like where the show is going with the Massive Dynamic involvement and I’m excited to see more.  Your take?

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