SKRULLS-Related Marvel Title Debuting this February

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?
Credit: Phil Jimenez (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mark Brooks (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics tells Newsarama it plans to launch a new Skrull-related comic book series in February. The publisher teased the title during its presentation at New York Comic Con's Diamond retailer breakfast Thursday morning. 

"Something Skrully this way comes," reads a slide shown to retailers. "New comic series February 2019." The slide was accompanied by classic Skrull art by Jack Kirby, and several Secret Invasion-era covers including a Mark Brooks cover for Secret Invasion: Skrull Kill Krew.

The Skrulls, of course, will be the villains of March's Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson. 

Look for more on this here at Newsarama.

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