VENOM Projected for $160 to $175m Global Opening Weekend

Credit: Sony Pictures
Credit: Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures' Venom is projected to rake in $160 to $175 million globally in its opening weekend, according to Deadline. $60 to $65m of that estimate is anticipated to come from North American audiences, with $100 to $100m coming from outside the United States and Canada.

For comparison, Marvel Studios' recent Ant-Man and the Wasp had a global opening weekend take of $161m, with $76m of it from North America.

The film is expected to be shown in 4,250 United States theaters as well as additional uncounted international and IMAX screens.

Venom will be opening head-to-head with Warner Bros.' A Star Is Born, which is estimated to take in $30m domestically and an additionsl $20m internationally this weekend.

Venom opens October 5 in North America and 59 international markets, with openings in France, Denmark, and Hong Kong later this month. The film opens in Japan on November 2, however no Chinese release date has been announced.

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