Image's ICE CREAM MAN Being Served at QUIBI - Report

Image Comics August 2018 cover
Credit: Image Comics
Credit: Martin Morazzo (Image Comics)

Quibi, the short-form streaming platform set to debut April 6, will be the home to the adaptation of W. Maxwell Prince's Image Comics horror-fantasy anthology series Ice Cream Man, according to Deadline

Deadline first reported a TV adaptation of the series was being developed by Universal Content Productions (UCP, a division of NBCUniversal Content Studios) in October 2018 (see below).  

"Weaving a dark tapestry of tales from his truck, the Ice Cream Man serves up scoops of pain and suffering to the inhabitants of one suburb town for his own malevolent amusement," reads Deadline's description. "The new series will dive deep into the suburban American psyche with stories that are timeless yet current, relatable yet strange, equal parts terrifying and ironic, and always end with a macabre twist."

Adam & Max Reid (Sneaky Pete) are set to write and executive produce the series.

Original story published October 18, 2018: W. Maxwell Prince's Image Comics horror anthology series Ice Cream Man is in development for television, according to Deadline.

Ice Cream Man is reportedly in development through Universal Cable Productions, who produce SyFy's Happy! No attached network was named in the report.

Ice Cream Man presents horror shorts framed as stories told by a creepy ice cream man.

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